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Are you inspired to work at your current job? Were you excited to walk into the office today? Will your current job give you the chance to develop world leading technology or sell incredible new products?  

At Leap Tools, we are developing cutting edge software at the very limits of what is possible in computer vision technology. Customers all over the world are eager to buy our products because we provide incredible value.  

Our team is growing. We need people who desire the chance to do extraordinary work. We need people who are not afraid to tackle a mountain of challenges just so they can see what it looks like from the top. We need people who are excited for the chance to build the next technology icon.  

We need you.

Imagine you want to buy a rug for your living room. You want to make sure it will fit and look good. Our visualizer lets you see the rug in your own room before you buy it. Simply upload a picture of your room using your mobile phone, and slide the rug under your coffee table:

Roomvo Demo

Our Culture


We want to be the absolute best at what we do. Our products are so successful because our technology is unbeatable. If you want to live at the forefront of technology and be a leader in the market, come join us.

Best Ideas Win

At Leap Tools it is the best ideas that win. It doesn’t matter your seniority in the company, your level of experience, age, gender, racial background, haircut or what you eat for breakfast. If you are committed to producing the best ideas then you belong with us.

Have Fun

You can’t be excellent at something if you aren’t enjoying it. Work is a part of life, not all of it. We have fun working together and playing together doing things like board game nights, company events and traveling around the world for trade shows.   

Our Milestones

Perks You'll Love

Here are some really cool perks that we offer our team:

Cutting-edge Technology

You'll work on some of the most complex problems. We manage data for entire industries and serve traffic that is growing by orders of magnitude each month.

Growth Opportunities

We take pride in growing our talent into a powerhouse! This is where you will thrive.
Social Events

Board game nights, team dinners, pub nights, lunches, snacks, volunteer events. Our social events rock!   
Competitive Compensation

We are leaders for  fair, equitable, and competitive compensation.
Convenient Location

Doesn't matter if you get here in a car, bus, or rocket-ship - we're subway accessible!
Flexible Hours

We believe that you should be able to work when you can be your best.

What our Employees are Saying About Us

"At Leap Tools I get to work on interesting and challenging problems and have great mentors who guide me. Everyday I get to learn something new from extremely talented engineers in my team and I feel this is a great place to enhance my career."

- Bharath Subramanyam
Software Engineer

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